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News Roundup for June 6, 2017

Five things you should care about:

1. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, suggests that Donald Trump?s U.K. visit should be cancelled after his tasteless reaction to the attack in London. We think that?s more than fair. More here.

2. A 25-year-old federal contractor with top security clearance has been arrested for leaking information relating to Russian cyberattacks to an online media outlet. This Russian hacking story gets more juicy by the day. More here.

3. An estimated 80-200 ISIS militants remain in Marawi City in the Philippines, where they have stockpiled food and dug secret tunnels. The Philippine military is preparing for a long siege on the city. Shit. More here.

4. Apple is working to stop distracted driving. They?re developing new software that won?t let you check your phone while it?s connected to your car?s bluetooth. More here.

5. A Texas man has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for selling weed. This is where we?re at? What did Brock Turner get again?! More here.

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Two Grown Men Had A Toddler-Like Meltdown On ‘The Bachelorette’ And It Was Amazing

For two consecutive weeks on ?The Bachelorette,? audiences have suffered through a bewildering and deeply uninteresting feud between contestants Lucas and Blake E.

Coming on the show, it appeared Lucas planned to endear himself to Rachel Lindsay through yodels of ?Whaboom!? and other rejected Jim Carrey bits, while Blake E. aimed to woo her with his aspirations of drumming and his sexual genius. As it transpired, the two had a troubled history that pre-dated the show, which Blake repeatedly and ineptly attempted to explain to Rachel and the other guys. (In summary, he and Lucas appeared together on a reality show called ?Ex-Isle,? and then he was roommates with Lucas?s ex-girlfriend, because of course.)

Lucas attempted to save himself during the cocktail party that began this week?s episode, suggesting to Rachel that Blake had slandered him because he ?has a crush? on him. As evidence, he presented the following ludicrous scenario:

Rachel took it to Blake, who had a calm and rational response: Do I look like a guy who?d eat a banana over a sleeping man?s bed? I?m on a carb-free diet

Fortunately for us all, Rachel?s patience finally ran out on this less-than-dynamic duo. Both contestants were eliminated during the ensuing rose ceremony ? teeing up the two gentlemen for their one moment of glory. Perhaps for the first time ever, two feuding suitors left the mansion together and treated us all to a massively douchey bro fight on the way out.

It began when Blake wandered over to Lucas?s exit interview taping to salute him with a hearty ?fuck you,? but somehow the situation managed to devolve from that very low point. Accusing Lucas of dragging him down and ruining his chances with Rachel, Blake attempted to drop the mic with, ?I?m going home. You win, Lucas.? 

?It?s not about winning,? Lucas shot back. ?It?s about the world, brother. And you have no idea what the world needs.? Blake didn?t stand for that, rejoining,?You?re the ?whaboom? clown. I?m the nice gentleman.? (Note: That is a false binary, especially on ?The Bachelorette.?)

Perhaps because of their longer acquaintance, the barbs soon got uncomfortably real for ?The Bachelorette,? as Lucas told Blake to ?go back to his protein shakes.?

Blake taunted Lucas as a washed-up, failed comedian. ?Get back to your garbage, clown life,? he sneered.

?My clown life?? shouted Lucas, suddenly enraged. ?I?m a clown? Because I can be funny?! You don?t even know what funny looks like!?

?Funny is not ?whaboom,?? Blake responded. ??Whaboom? is like, wocka wocka, pie in the face, wocka, wocka, honk, honk, fart joke.?

The argument limped to an end with Lucas accusing Blake of being jealous and Blake mockingly mimicking Lucas every time he spoke, a fitting goodbye for both men which sent ?Bachelorette? Twitter into raptures.

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This ‘La La Land’-esque YouTube Love Story Has Us All Choked Up

A viral YouTube video is reminding us that the saddest love story of all is one that almost happens.

The poignant, ?La La Land?-esque silent short shows YouTuber Rudy Mancuso and Maia Mitchell of ?The Fosters? going about their daily lives.

They rise in the morning:

Sleepily brush their teeth:  

And go about their very similar work days and commutes, albeit separately:

When they do finally meet, the encounter is not at all what you expect ? or at least had hoped for the pair.

The bittersweet video has already racked up over 2 million views on YouTube and has a lot of people shook in the comments section. 

?When the perfect ending isn?t in sight but the video is about to end and you begin to panic deep inside,? one person wrote, summing up their (and our) feelings perfectly. 

Watch the video above to see how the scene plays out.

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